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Parallels Desktop 13.3

Parallels has issued version 13.3 of Parallels Desktop with bug fixes for the virtualization software. The update addresses disproportionately scaled windows after installing a Windows update, resolves an issue with Boot Camp-based virtual machines not starting in version 13.2, avoids a crash after a virtual machine is networked to another Mac using Thunderbolt Bridge, resolves a number of nagging issues in Windows virtual machines (including slow login, unresponsive Start Menu, and the inability to use a keyboard with some apps), and fixes a bug with Parallels Tools not working in macOS 10.13 High Sierra virtual machines. ($49.99 upgrade), $99.99 annual subscription for Pro/Business Edition ($49.99 renewal for Pro), 251 MB, release notes, 10.10.5+)


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John Turner  2018-02-25 16:47
This is a fine app with wonderful, quick and patient support! However there is one huge problem. You need more than 16 gigs of RAM if you are going to run Windows along with your MacOS. I ran Windows 8.1 Pro and finally had to abandon Windows and Parallels because I frequently had less than 4 GIGs free to run my apps. If you have more than 16GIGs of RAM and want to run Windows this is THE app to have. It will even run with Boot Camp. But unlike Boot Camp you do not have to run Windows 10! I found 8.1 PRO to be just fine and with it and Parallels you can run Windows without occupying your whole monitor. It works seamlessly with High Sierra 10.13.3.
Ice Cowboy  2018-02-26 16:25
I'm sorry, but after the rumblings about Kaspersky, I'm not interested in having a Russian company's system-level software inside my Mac.

They may be totally clean and I may be in more danger from other vectors of attack, but nonetheless, off my shopping list.