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Apple’s Ban on App Templates Is Hurting Small Businesses

In June 2017, Apple updated its App Store rules to prohibit templated or generated apps, a move that seemed to be aimed at reducing spam apps. Now Apple is warning app template makers who serve small businesses — restaurants, fitness studios, and more — that it will start rejecting their apps on 1 January 2018. App templates and generators are used by small businesses who lack the resources to develop their own apps from scratch. Unfortunately, some of these app makers are already having to shut their doors due to Apple’s change in rule enforcement. Apple’s move has drawn the attention of Representative Ted Lieu (D, CA), who has asked the company to reconsider.favicon follow link


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Dominic  2017-12-11 14:15
Alternate headline: "Apple's ban on app templates results in lobbying from vendor of app templates"
Dennis B. Swaney  2017-12-11 23:16
Looks like Apple is actually anti-net(app) neutrality when it comes to letting small businesses have apps.
D'Angelis  2017-12-13 23:04
A develop does not have to use the App Store. Here is an opportunity for someone who wants to offer an alternative site outside the Magic Kingdom.