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macOS 10.13.2 Fixes Obscure Bugs and Security Vulnerabilities

by Josh Centers

Hot on the heels of Security Update 2017-001, an emergency update Apple published to address an embarrassing security vulnerability (see “Apple Pushes Updates to Block the Root Vulnerability Bug [1],” 30 November 2017), the company has released macOS High Sierra 10.13.2 [2], which appears to be just a minor maintenance update. You can install the 1.66 GB update via Software Update. Apple also offers a standalone updater [3] for Macs running 10.13.1 (2.08 GB) and a combo updater [4] for any version of High Sierra (3.02 GB).

After last week’s emergency updates, 10.13.2’s sparse release notes are a relief:

It also features the following enterprise fixes and improvements:

macOS 10.13.2 also features 20 security fixes [5], a few of which look moderately important.

When should you update to macOS 10.13.2? From a functionality standpoint, most people won’t have a burning need to install it right away, and given Apple’s recent quality control stumbles, we wouldn’t be shocked to hear of some system-shattering bug in this release. But, as always, there are some security fixes that everyone should have, so wait a few days to see if early adopters report any ill effects and then update. All that said, it seems to be working fine where we’ve installed it.